How We Handle ChargeBacks

When a dispute occurs, we receive notification of the disputed payment from the cardholder's issuer(bank) and send you an email about it.

Upon receiving the notification, you have the opportunity to respond to it (i.e. confirming value was given) and submit the appropriate evidence or accept it (i.e. value not given).

We will typically pass a debit on your settlement once a dispute is logged by the card issuer.

It's important that you submit evidence to show that the payment was valid and to ensure that we know that you are not accepting the dispute.

Please note that there is a limited period of time that disputes can be responded to (usually 48 - 72 hours) - the amount of time available is provided within the dispute information that will be shared with you via email. After that time has passed, no further responses or evidence can be submitted.

The evidence you submit should be appropriate for the dispute. Shipment tracking numbers and delivery confirmation, etc., can all be helpful.

Our acquirer(our bank) reviews the evidence and decides whether to close the dispute or continue the process by forwarding the evidence to the card issuer.

We will refund the initial sum passed on your settlement once a dispute is resolved in your favor.

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