Settlement schedule

Funds you receive on Rave are made available for withdrawal or transfers depending on what country you operate from. The settlement schedule is detailed in the table below.

Country Local Payments International Payments
Nigeria T+1 T+5
Kenya T+1 T+5
Ghana T+1 T+5
Rwanda T+1 T+5
Tanzania T+1 T+5
Uganda T+1 T+5
Rest of Africa T+1 T+5
USA T+1 T+5

What this means, for instance, is that for international payments for Ghanaian merchants, the funds received will be in the Rave ledger balance until after 5 workings days (T+5), by which the funds will then be automatically settled into the merchant's set bank account, or be placed in the Rave available balance (if the  manual settlement option is enabled).

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