Connect your Rave account to slack with Zapier

  1. Accept the Early Access Invitation to use Rave on Zapier

  2. Click on “Make a zap!”.

  3. Search for “Rave” and select the Rave icon.

  4. Click on the dropdown button under “Choose Trigger” and choose “New Transaction”.

  5. Click continue.

  6. Add your Rave account.

  7. Add your public key and secret key.

  8. Get your public key from your rave account.

  9. Click on continue.

  10. Click on the dropdown button for status and choose “Successful” and click continue.

  11. Click on “Find Transaction” to pull sample data from your Rave account.

  12. Next is the Action Event. Search for “Slack” and click on the Icon.

  13. Click on “Choose Action Event” dropdown button and select “Send Channel Message” then click on continue.

  14. Sign in to your Slack account and click on allow.

  15. Click on Continue.
  16. The next thing is to choose the slack channel you want  the customized message to be sent to every time a successful transaction is made.Click on the drop button, a list of different channels in your slack account would drop down. Select the slack channel you want. For this tutorial, I created a slack channel #sale-team so I choose the channel.

    The next field is to customise the channel message you want to be sent to the channel every time a successful transaction is made.

    Create a message template and programmatically get the customer's information into the message.

    For example, if your template message is like this “{firstname} just made a successful transaction,” to programmatically gets the customer's information, highlight {firstname} and click on the hamburger button (labelled 2 in the image below). You’ll see a drop down of the customer's info. Select “Customer Fullname".

    Also for other info like amount, Phone Number etc. After typing the word “Amount”  click the hamburger and select “Amount”. The amount would be added right in front of “Amount:” you typed. Do the same for other information you want to add to your customised message.

    Here’s my final customised message below

  17. You can choose other optional details like the Bot name (e.g. "Team Lead"), and when you’re done selecting other optional details you want. Click on continue.

  18. To test if this is working, click on “Send Test”.

  19. Lastly, toggle the zap on. This will set the automation into motion.

  20. Let’s check the slack channel we choose if any message was sent there.

    There you have it, everything is working perfectly. The customised message would be sent to this slack channel every time a successful transaction is made on our Rave account.

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