Flutterwave transaction charges are automatically deducted from every payment processed before funds are settled into your bank account or wallet.

However, you can choose to pass the transaction charge to your customer. This way, the transaction charge is added as an extra markup to the base price your customer pays.

For example, in the screenshot below, the merchant has decided to pass the transaction charge to the customer. The base price of the transaction is NGN100,000 while the Flutterwave transaction charge is 1.4% (NGN 1,400) making a total of NGN 101,400 for the customer to pay. This way, the merchant receives their full NGN 100,000 at settlement.

How to pass the transaction charge to your customer

  1. Login to your Flutterwave dashboard

  2. Click "Settings" left of your dashboard then click on the "Business preference"

  3. Select “Make customers pay the transaction fees” under “Who should pay the transaction fee?

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