By default, you can receive payments into Flutterwave once you create an account. However, you will need to set your bank account details to be able to get your earnings from your Flutterwave account to your bank account. (Check out how settlements work for more information.)

Add a bank account

To add a bank account,

1. From your dashboard, kindly head on to the “Settings” page and navigate to the “Bank accounts” tab. 

2. Select “Add New Bank”.

3. Fill in the account details and select “Add New Bank”.

NB: You can choose to add multiple bank accounts, however, only one can be set as your primary bank account. This is the one where your earnings are going to be paid to by default.

Edit account information

To edit an account information or set an account as your primary account,

1. Select the “Edit” button beside the account. 

2. If you want to set the account as your primary account, kindly check the “Make this my primary bank account” checkbox. You can also edit the account information as desired, then click “Save” when done.

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