The Invoices feature offers you the chance to generate professional invoices to get paid by your customer online or offline.

Create an invoice

To create an invoice, click the blue “New Invoice” button on the top right corner.

In the invoice screen, fill out the details

  1. When you click the “To” field, a list of your existing customers is displayed. You can also click the “+ New Customer” to add a new customer. “Due Date” is the date which the invoice is due.

  2. The “Invoice Item” “Quantity,” and “Unit Price” fields allows you to fill in the item, quantity and price of each item in your invoice. The amount is automatically calculated. Click “Add another item” to add as many other items as necessary.

  3. The “Send via Whatsapp” option appears when the phone number of the customer is also saved. You can add any extra information using the “Invoice Notes” field. Add shipping fee, tax and discounts here too. You can save your shipping fee so that you select it next time instead of typing it each time.

  4. When you’re done, you can go back to the top of the invoice and either save the invoice for later or send it immediately.

Your invoices will be listed on the “invoices” page after you create them with their status displayed.

Handling invoices

When a created invoice hasn’t been paid, you can edit it, resend it, mark it as paid or you can set reminders so that it is resent to your customer periodically.

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