For your business to be verified on Flutterwave, you need to ensure your business documents have been uploaded to Flutterwave. This article outlines steps needed to do this: 

  1. After Signing up on Flutterwave, you will see a notification at the top of your Flutterwave dashboard, simply click on the “Add a bank account” button. Alternatively, you can click this link

2. Next, select your  bank's country, fill in the input fields such as shown below then click on the "Add account and continue" button at the bottom.

3. Finally, add your BVN (for Nigerian merchants) or a National Identification Number (For other countries), upload your means of identification (for an individual account) and/or certificate of incorporation document (for a business account), and click on the "Submit Documents" button.

Congratulations, your verification details have been added successfully!

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