You can share access to your Flutterwave account with other stakeholders like your business partners, support staff, developers, and so on. Each user has different login details to your Flutterwave account and will be assigned a 'Role'. A Role ensures that each user can only access the information you've allowed them.

To add users to your Flutterwave account:

  1. Log into your Flutterwave account and click 'Settings' on the bottom left side of your Flutterwave dashboard.

  2. Click on the 'Team**'** tab, and then, click on the 'Invite new members +' button to add a specific user.

  3. Fill in details of the new invitee in the following form. Assign them a role and click on 'Invite new member' to complete the process. You can update a user's role or remove them from your account at any time.

  4. The new user gets an email invite to join your Flutterwave business. They can click the 'Accept Invitation' button in the email to set up.

Each new user appears on the Team dashboard, alongside the roles you've assigned them.

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