Flutterwave allows you to share access to your Flutterwave account with your business partners, support staffs, developers, etc. without compromising the information contained therein.

Each user(s) will have specific login details with which your Flutterwave account can be accessed, and will only be allowed privy to information to his/her 'Role'.

To add users to your Flutterwave account, kindly follow these simple steps;

  1. Log into your Flutterwave account and navigate to the 'Settings' page on the bottom left side of your Flutterwave dashboard.

2. Then click on the "User" tab, and click on the "+ Invite User" button.

3. Kindly fill your user's details in the field as seen from the modal, select the user's role, and click on "Invite User".

4. Viola!!! The new User has been successfully added to your account. You can edit his/her role or remove at will.

5. The new user gets an email with an invitation to collaborate in your business. Once they follow this link, they can setup their email and join your business.

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