Flutterwave provides multiple payment methods including card payments, account payments , and ussd payments. The Flutterwave checkout modal provides all methods at once, but based on your preferences, you can select that only certain payment methods are shown to your users. See details below on how to achieve that.

You can either select your preferred payment methods on the Flutterwave dashboard or at the point of integration of the inline modal (for developers). This doc shows how to choose payment methods on the dashboard. To read on how to select.payment methods at the point of integration, please see this guide.

Choosing payment methods on the Dashboard

  1. Logon to your Flutterwave dashboard and go to the Account Settings tab of the settings page.

2. Click on Enable Dashboard Payment Options.

3. A list of payment methods will show. You can then select which ones you would like to be available on your checkout modal(s).

4. That's it. The payment methods you've selected will now show up on your checkout modal.

Some payment methods are currency specific, and so cannot be used for other currencies. Only the selected preferred payment methods that are available for the selected payment currency will be shown on the modal.

For instance, mpesa payment is only available in Kenya (for KES), so mpesa cannot be used for any other currency. If I select card payments, account payments, and mpesa as my payment methods, and my currency is NGN, only card and account payment options will show.

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