A Flutterwave payment link is a simple way to collect payments. You can easily share a personalised link with your customers to receive payments or accept donations using their preferred payment method (card, bank account, USSD, MPesa, Ghana Mobile Money, etc.)

  1. Click the “Payments” tab on your dashboard homepage and go to ‘Payment links’.

  2. Click ‘Create payment links’ on the following page to get started.

  3. Select a payment link type to continue.

    • For one-time payments, select ‘Single charge

    • For recurring payments, select ‘Subscription link

    • To receive one-time donations, click ‘Donations

  4. On the next page, fill in relevant details and click ‘Create link’.

  5. The payment link will appear on your dashboard. You can share the link with your clients for them to access your payment page and make payment using their cards, bank accounts, USSD, Mpesa, etc., as applicable.

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