A payment plan lets you charge your customers at specified intervals with them only inputting their card details once. You can find out more on how recurring payments work here.

You can create a payment plan in one of three ways:

  1. By creating a subscription payment page

  2. By creating a payment plan through the dashboard.

  3. By creating a payment plan using APIs.

Subscription payment page

On your dashboard, you can create a custom subscription payment page which has a link for customers to use in accessing the payment page to make payments. When a subscription payment page is created, a payment plan is automatically created according to the interval specified when creating the payment page. Once customers make an initial payment on your subscription payment page, they are subscribed to that payment plan and will be charged accordingly. This article outlines the steps to take to create a subscription payment page.

The payment plans page

The payment plans page shows all the payment plans created on your Flutterwave account. You also have the option to create payment plans here. This way, however, customers can only be subscribed to these payment plans in your website or app. This guide details how to go about creating a payment plan.


Lastly, payment plans can be created by calling the Flutterwave API endpoints directly from your app/website. You can view detailed instructions on using the payment plans API here.

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