1. Navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard of your store and click on "Plugins" on the left-hand side menu.

2. Make sure you have the following plugins already installed

3. Click on the "Add new" button.

4. Search for Rave Woocommerce Payment Gateway and click the "Install Now" button on the  Rave Woocommerce Payment Gateway plugin by Flutterwave Developers.

5. On the list of installed plugins find "Rave WooCommerce Payment Gateway" and click on Activate.

6. Click on "WooCommerce” > “Settings" from the left menu and click on the "Payment" tab.

7. Under the checkout options, Enable Rave and click the "Set Up" button.

8. Configure your Rave Payment Gateway settings accordingly:

9. Check the Enable/Disable checkbox to enable Rave Payment Gateway

10. You make also choose to Enable/Disable Logging

Important Notice: Please set up your webhook and make sure to replace your Secret Hash with a unique set of strings.

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