Ecwid makes it possible for small business owners and merchants to easily set up an online store on any website, social site, and most eCommerce platforms.

The tutorial below shows you how to accept payments on your Ecwid site with Flutterwave.

  1. Kindly log on to if you have an existing account or sign up for a new account.

2. Please click on the “Payment” tab on the left side of your account’s dashboard, and scroll down to the “Others ways to get paid” section. Here you will be required to click on the “Choose Payment Processor” button.

3. Choose “Rave by Flutterwave Payment Gateway”.

4. Please wait while “Rave by Flutterwave Payment Gateway” page loads.

5. Here you will be required to set-up the Flutterwave environment you wish to have on your Ecwid account. To achieve this;

a.) Click on the toggle button on the right side to toggle between the Staging (test) and the Live environment.

b.) Next, click on the “Get Staging API Keys” button to get your API keys for Staging(test) environment or the Live environment as determined in (a) above.

c.) You will be redirected to your Flutterwave account where you will get your API Keys, kindly input same into the respective field.

6. Flutterwave also gives the opportunity to input your company’s logo URL on the “Company Logo URL” field.

Hurray! You are done configuring your Ecwid site… You can now close this page by clicking on the “X” button on the top right side...

7. Now Visit your site’s store and click on the item you wish to purchase.

8. Next, click on the “Add to Bag” button.

9. Input your email address and click on “Checkout”.

10. Select “Rave by Flutterwave” as your payment method and input the other required details as shown.

11. Input your card details and click on pay.

Yaay! Successful

We are glad we could show you how to setup Flutterwave on Ecwid in simple steps.

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