As a business on Flutterwave, here is the breakdown of your settlement schedule.

Your settlement is the payment that Flutterwave has received on your behalf, that is being paid into your bank account or Flutterwave balance.

There are a few ways you can receive your settlement:

  • The funds can be received directly into your Flutterwave balance

  • We could pay directly into your bank account (also known as your settlement account)

Settlement cycles vary depending on your business location and whether or not the payment was local or international.

Here's a quick breakdown of the terminology used in the schedule below:

  • T - The day the payment was made or transaction was carried out.

  • (+ Number of Days) - How many days it takes for you to receive your payment.

What this means, for instance, is that if a business in Ghana receives an international payment through Flutterwave on their website, when they sign into their Flutterwave dashboard, the payment will be available in their Ledger Balance but not their Available Balance. The payment will be subsequently moved to their Available Balance or paid directly into the business bank account within 5 days from when the payment was made. This merchant's settlement cycle is thus T+5.

Your ledger balance reflects the total value of payments that have been received at the time, it can also be known as your current balance. Your available balance refers to the funds that are available to you for transfers or payouts on your Flutterwave dashboard.

Here's our global settlement schedule:

Flutterwave settlement schedule

For Nigerian merchants, please note that all transactions originating from a Naira card will be settled in Naira irrespective of the purchase currency in line with the dollarisation policy in Nigeria.

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