Once you receive payments into your Flutterwave account, your funds are automatically settled to you within 1-5 business days depending on the settlement schedule.

You can decide to have your funds sent to your bank account manually, at a time of your own choosing, using Flutterwave transfers, instead of the default automatic settlement. You can even settle your funds to a bank account other than the primary registered bank account.

Enable manual settlements

To enable manual settlements, kindly go to your settings page (1 below) and to the Account Settings tab (2). Select the "I want to manually settle myself with transfers" option (3) and click the "Save" button to proceed.

Once this option is enabled, funds you subsequently receive will be placed in your available balance, which you can then use for transfers to any bank account of your choosing at any time. The payments you receive in your Flutterwave account will be accumulated until you choose to transfer them out.

Note that the switch from automatic to manual settlement and vice versa will be effected after 24 hours.

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