Say you have an online marketplace and you want to automatically split the payments for goods and services between you and merchants signed up on your platform, Flutterwave has got you covered.

The split payment feature allows you to divide funds you receive on Flutterwave between your bank account and one or more other bank account(s). To use the split payments feature, kindly follow the steps below:

Create a sub-account

A sub-account is simply an additional bank account you register on your Flutterwave account so that you can decide to split some or all of your incoming payments between your bank account and the sub-account. You can have as many sub-accounts as you wish. To create a sub-account,

1. Navigate to the Subaccounts page and click the New Subaccount button.

2. On the pop-up that is displayed, enter the details of the sub-account and specify the subaccount details. Also specify the type of split (flat fee or percentage split), and the share of payments. Click "Create New Subaccount" when done.

Note: At the moment, the split payment option is only available for use via the Flutterwave API and SDKs.

Add ID(s) of subaccount(s) in charge payload

When the subaccounts are created, they are automatically assigned an ID. You can include these IDs in any charge request payload and the payment will automatically be split between your bank account and the specified subaccounts. An example payload is shown below.

  "PBFPubKey": "FLWPUBK-4e581ebf8372cd691203b27227e2e3b8-X",
  "cardno": "5438898014560229",
  "cvv": "890",
  "expirymonth": "09",
  "expiryyear": "19",
  "currency": "NGN",
  "country": "NG",
  "amount": "10",
  "email": "",
  "phonenumber": "0902620185",
  "firstname": "temi",
  "lastname": "desola",
  "subaccount": [
      "id": "RS_D87A9EE339AE28BFA2AE86041C6DE70E",
      "transaction_split_ratio": "2"
      "id": "RS_344DD49DB5D471EF565C897ECD67CD95",
      "transaction_split_ratio": "3"
      "id": "RS_839AC07C3450A65004A0E11B83E22CA9",
      "transaction_split_ratio": "5"
  "IP": "355426087298442",
  "txRef": "MC-",
  "meta": [
      "metaname": "flightID",
      "metavalue": "123949494DC"
  "IP": "355426087298442",
  "txRef": "MC-" +,// your unique merchant reference
  "redirect_url": "",
  "device_fingerprint": "69e6b7f0b72037aa8428b70fbe03986c"

Note: The split payment feature can only be used if your settlement option is set to automatic and not manual settlement.

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