What happens to the balance on my old card when it's migrated?

We would transfer the balance to the new card.

Can I view transactions from my old card(s)?

Yes, Barter allows you to download a full statement for cards terminated within the last (3) months of the current period. If you would like to view the statement on an older card kindly contact our support team.

I have a refund due to a card that was terminated, would I get it on my new card?

If you have a refund on a card that has been terminated, kindly contact support so it's credited to your balance.

I have a pending transaction on my Card would the transaction be moved to my new card?

No, it would not, the payment would decline on the merchant and you would need to re-try with your new card. The pending amount would be reversed and moved to your new card.

Do I need to remove my old card from the sites I've linked them to?

Yes, you need to, unlinking the old card helps you avoid any authorisation charges on attempts from the merchant to charge the card.

Are there extra charges on the new card?

No, we don't charge any extra fees on the migrated card. Authorisation fees are also waived by the card scheme e.g. Mastercard.

Would you charge me a card creation fee for migrating the card?

No, we won't.

The balance on my old card was not transferred to the migrated card

Please send us an email immediately via hi@flutterwavego.com to have this resolved.

My new card keeps declining when trying to replace it on the sites I use my card on

Please send us an email via hi@flutterwavego.com with a screenshot of the error prompt received to have this resolved.

What happens to my pending card refund upon card migration?

When a card with a pending or expected refund transaction is migrated, you're still entitled to get the cash refunded to you. Please note that card refunds may take 3-15 business days to reflect on your account, depending on the merchant. You will be credited with the equivalent of the funds in your local currency on your barter wallet.

If this time elapses and you are yet to get your refund, send an email to us via hi@flutterwavego.com with the details below:

  • Barter email address

  • The last four digits of the card number

  • The amount on the card before termination

  • Intended refund amount.

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