What do I do if I mistakenly fund (a second) an unverified Barter account?

Please send an email to hi@flutterwavego.com with the following:

  1. A valid ID

  2. The email addresses of both accounts

  3. A selfie of you holding your valid ID for facial recognition

  4. Screenshots of the debit alert showing proof of funding

I transferred money from my bank to my barter but my account is not funded

This might be an issue with the bank. However, please send an email to [hi@flutterwavego.com] with details of the transaction such as proof of debit/session i.d (30 digit session ID is gotten from your bank) for us to run a check.

I funded my barter account with my bank card but the money is not in my account

We do advise you to wait for some time for the funds to reflect. This might be an issue with the bank.

However, please send an email to hi@flutterwavego.com with details of the transaction such as the email address used, the first six & last four digits of the debit card used, the amount, and the date of the transaction for us to run a check.

What is the daily limit to fund my barter account?

The limit depends on your bank. There is really no limit to how much you can fund your wallet. Awesome, yeah?! 😁

What are the various funding options available on Barter?

A Barter account can be funded using either of the following options:

1. Debit Card

2. Bank Transfer

3. Mobile Money

When I attempt account funding, I receive a prompt ''charge not supported''. What do I do?

It's possible that your bank has declined the transaction, as it does not allow transactions originating through mail/telephone, fax, email, or Internet orders. In any case, please send an email to hi@flutterwavego.com so that our support team can help you resolve the issue.

What does the error prompt 'merchant cannot process saved cards' mean?

You need to type in your card details manually and not click on the saved card option to enable you to fund successfully.
Note: you can link up to 5 debit cards to a single Barter account and you cannot fund your Barter account with a Card that has been used by another Barter account.

What do I do when I've not received value for my account funding via Mobile Money?

Please share the following details to help us investigate the transaction to hi@flutterwavego.com:

  • A screenshot of the debit alert

  • The mobile number attached to the transaction

  • The email address used to complete the transaction

What do I do when I receive the error prompt 'account number invalid' when I attempt account funding via bank transfer?

It is likely an issue with your bank that's not enabling you to resolve your Barter virtual account number information. Please re-attempt the transaction and possibly from an alternate bank account. If this persists, please contact us immediately.

Why can't I transfer via Barter.me website?

The transfer feature is only available on the Barter mobile app, at this time. We will notify you when this feature becomes available on the web.

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