I funded my card but the funds are not on the card

There may be a temporary network issue. Please wait a few minutes for the funds to reflect.

If they still don't reflect after a while, please send an email to hi@flutterwavego.com with a screenshot of the transaction, your registered email address, the last four digits of the card you tried funding, the amount and the date of the transaction so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Is there a limit I can fund my dollar card with?

The current limit on your USD virtual card is USD10,000. This means the maximum you can have on your card is USD10,000 and the current limit per transaction is USD10,000.

I am trying to create a card and it keeps taking me back to add funds

There is a card creation fee (Card Issuance Fee) of $2 for creating a new USD Barter card. Also, note that there is a minimum fee of $5 that can be funded on a new card. That implies that you must have the equivalent of $7 in your balance before attempting card creation.

We recommend that you fund your Barter balance to accommodate the creation fee and minimum fee, and then proceed with your card creation.

I deleted/terminated my card and I am expecting a refund

If you delete or terminate a card that had a pending or expected refund transaction, you're still entitled to get the cash refunded to you. Please note that card refunds may take 3-15 business days to show in your account, depending on the merchant. You will be credited with the equivalent of the funds in your local currency on your barter wallet.

If this time elapses and you are yet to get the funds, send a mail to us with the following to look into this via [hi@flutterwavego.com]

  • Your email address

  • The last four digits of the card number

  • The amount on the card before termination

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