Why am I unable to login to my account?

This may happen if you input a wrong username/password. Please click on the password reset icon if you cannot remember your login details to reset your password

The app cannot be installed on my phone why?

Barter can only be installed on Android devices with version 6.0 and above, if your device is above 6.0, please send a mail to us via hi@flutterwavego.com.

Barter is currently not supported on tablets.

How can I get my card/account statement?

You can follow the below steps to generate your Barter statement;

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Account Statement

  • Click on the drop-down arrow and select your option (Barter account statement of Card statement)

My app keeps crashing?

Please share a screenshot of the error message that displays before crashing (if any is received) with us via hi@flutterwavego.com, as well as the email address linked to your account, your device mobile, and operating system version.

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