In the spirit of Customer Service week, here are the most frequently asked questions on our products by our customers for 2021


Can I send money from my Barter USD gift card to my domiciliary account?

No. The cards are specifically designed for merchant payments and cannot be used to send/receive funds or fund a wallet/account on a merchant website. You can however send funds from your USD wallet to your domiciliary account.

Can I use my Nigerian Bank issued USD card to fund my USD wallet on barter?

You can only use an international or foreign card to fund your USD wallet

Can I use my Barter card to buy Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies?

Our Barter virtual cards can’t be used on any cryptocurrency, bitcoin, binary option, trading, or money transfer website (gift cards). Learn more here

Can I increase my transaction limit?

The daily transaction limit on Barter is capped at NGN 200,000 however, this can be increased one-off for emergency purposes. To do this, send a mail to

Can I receive money on my Barter USD card from freelance sites?

The barter card cannot be used to receive funds. You can however receive funds into your USD card via your link. To get your link:

  1. Log in to your Barter app

  2. Tap "Request Money"

  3. Tap "Share a link"

Can I pay for visa, school fees, Facebook ads with my card (NGN and USD)?

The NGN card (Yellow card/limited use card) can only be used on Flutterwave merchant sites (look out for Flutterwave or its logo on the checkout page).

The USD card can be used on sites that accept international prepaid cards.

How long does it take to get my account verified on Barter?

Your verification is instantly done once you complete the required steps.

I transferred money to my bank but the funds have not been received by the beneficiary

Please send the details listed below to to enable further investigation:

  • Barter Email Address

  • Amount sent

  • Date of Transaction

How long do I have to wait to receive a transfer made to my domiciliary account?

Domiciliary transfers take 2 business days to get processed.

How can I transfer funds between my dollar cards?

Funds cannot be transferred between cards directly. You can however withdraw funds from one card then fund the other


Can I receive funds from abroad with F4B?

Flutterwave provides you with an easy way to receive payment from anywhere in the world via card payments, bank accounts, QR codes, USSD, Mobile Money, and Mpesa. Flutterwave offers you a variety of options on how to receive payment from your customer once you are signed up, and also helps you to create any type of payments flow—from e-commerce to recurring billing and everything in between.

How do I move my funds from my ledger balance to my available balance?

The movement of funds from the ledger balance to the available balance is automatic and is based on the settlement schedule/cycle. Generally, the settlement cycle for local & international transactions is T+1 and T+5 days respectively. Learn more here.

I signed up for Flutterwave and I'm yet to receive a verification/confirmation email

Double-check to confirm that the email you entered was accurate. Check your spam/promotion emails. Emails sent from Flutterwave are sent via Please whitelist this address on your mailbox

If you still don't find the email, click the resend email link on your sign-up screen.

After 3 attempts and waiting for at least an hour, if you still don't receive a mail, please send a message to our support handles (Instagram & Facebook) or email us: stating this issue. Learn more here

How do I move funds to another wallet on my F4B account?

  1. Login to your Flutterwave dashboard

  2. Click “Payment” on the left side of your dashboard then click “Transfers”

  3. Click “New Transfer” then click “Transfer to Flutterwave Account”

  4. Choose the wallet you want to transfer from and fill in the other details (rates will be displayed clearly)

  5. Under Merchant ID, input your own Merchant ID (i.e account's merchant ID)

  6. Then click “Confirm Transfer”

How long does it take to receive a refund from Flutterwave?

Please note that refunds take between 3-15 business days to hit your account.

Can I have my goods priced in foreign currencies on my Flutterwave store?

Ans: No please, the prices on your F4B store can only be set in the currency of your signup country.

What is the transaction limit on my account and can it be increased?

Transaction limits (in NGN) apply to the different account types on Flutterwave, whether verified or unverified and can be increased based on requests from the merchant. Learn more here

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