Disha enables creators to get paid for their products/services. But first, you need to set up the payment process to ensure smooth payments and settlements of your funds. Follow these easy steps to get started;

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, and click the Custom Payment tab, and fill the form field. Your payment integration is automatically up and running.

  • Once the above payment setup is complete, a Flutterwave account is created for you.

  • Login to your Flutterwave account here to complete your account setup using your Disha login details.

Note: Disha creators need to verify their ID by submitting a valid means of identification (such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Driver's Licence) on their Flutterwave dashboard.

Once a Flutterwave account is verified, the Disha creator can then proceed to create a product through the payment link on their account profile and then receive payments from anywhere in the world.

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