What is BigCommerce?
BigCommerce is a SAAS platform that allows you to create an Online Store for your business. The Flutterwave Integration to BigCommerce allows you to use Flutterwave as the Payment Gateway/Checkout on your Store.

The steps to setup Flutterwave on BigCommerce are described below:

1. Login to your BigCommerce Dashboard

2. Go to Store Setup >> Payments (as indicated below)

3. On the Payment Method page, you?ll need to do the following:

  • a. Select your preferred currency

  • b. Click on the Checkout Payment Settings

  • c. Click on Setup on the Money Order menu

  • d. Set display name as ?Flutterwave?, choose the Countries where Flutterwave will be displayed as a Payment Method to your customers, Supply ?Pay with Flutterwave? and click Save

4. Now go to the Apps Menu, Click on Marketplace and search for Flutterwave and Click ?Install? and then click ?Confirm?

5. On successful confirmation, you would get a new screen where you are required to supply your Flutterwave API Keys. [To get your Flutterwave Keys, follow this guide]

6. Once you provide your public and secret key, click Save. You have successfully completed the installation of Flutterwave on BigCommerce and are ready to receive payments.

7. Now at Checkout, the payment Gateway displayed for your Store would be Flutterwave


  1. Your store must be using BigCommerce's Stencil Themes, and Optimized One Page Checkout

  2. To get your Flutterwave Live API keys, remember to switch to Live Mode on your Flutterwave Dashboard.

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